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Homeowner reviewing the real estate section of newspaperWe've listened to you. We know that you want your home to enhance your lifestyle, even as your lifestyle changes over time. We know that you want to be able to more easily repair and remodel your home and that you would like to be able to incorporate the latest technologies without tearing your house apart. We know that you want to feel safe, secure and comfortable.

And, we know that you want your home to be affordable, but look like you had it custom built as a reflection of who you are. The PATH Concept Home has six principles that guide the design and product selection to make your desired home a reality.


To see the Concept Home designs? View the PATH Concept Home Design Guide [.pdf, 890 KB] [Hi-res PDF, 4 MB] and learn how innovative design and technologies can help you customize your home to meet your lifestyle.

To learn more about the Concept Home? Gather some background on the Concept Home to understand how this program is helping the homebuilding industry evolve.

To read about the Concept Home Principles that highlight technologies and strategies to create well built and flexible homes that grow with their owners?

Content updated on 1/18/2007

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