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Build the high quality, affordable, flexible and energy-efficient homes your customers desire. Build them for less money and in less time.

The PATH Concept Home provides builders with ideas and strategies to build homes more efficiently. Six Concept Home principles outline advanced design concepts, innovative technologies and building systems, and improved construction processes that result in reduced construction time and costs, as well as solutions to today's labor shortages.


To see the Concept Home designs? View the PATH Concept Home Design Guide [.pdf, 890 KB] [Hi-res PDF, 4 MB] and learn how innovative design and technologies can help reduce construction cycle time while increasing quality and performance.

To learn how the Concept Home Principles can guide home design and technology selections?

To get ideas from our Prototype and Product Partners? These leading builders and manufacturers are using innovative design and material solutions to create the houses of tomorrow.

Content updated on 11/28/2006

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