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Concept Home Background

From automobiles to toys, conceptual designs have long influenced the marketplace and changed the way we live, work and play. Prototype houses are also a part of our history. The innovations are based on visions of the future as well as the availability of new technologies and materials. With the Concept Home, PATH is using technological advances to respond to changing household demographics and revolutionize American homes.

The PATH Concept Home is a direct result of PATH's Technology Roadmap: Whole House and Building Process Redesign, and Technology Scanning Report.

The ideas expressed in the Concept Home are a blending of creative contributions from many industry partners. Many ideas are inspired by from Bensonwood Homes' Open-Built® design and construction system based on Open Building principles. The PATH Concept Home Advisory Committee oversees and guides the program.

Concept Home Timeline


Phase 1: Conceiving the Concept Home

A reception in June 2004 celebrated the conception of the Concept Home model.

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Phase 2: Concept Home Design

Advisory Committee

Prefab Forum

First Prototype Partner -- Clever Homes

Meeting at Bensonwood Homes

First Manufacturer Partner

Solar Decathlon [.pdf, 577 KB]

2006 - 2007

Phase 3: Concept Home Demonstration and Performance Evaluation

“Prototype Designs Unveiled at Capitol Hill Showcase”

"Residential Design 2006 Workshop in Boston, MA: Design A Flexible Home"

Presentations given by PATH: Overview [.pdf, 504 KB], Attached Design [.pdf, 877 KB] and Detached Design [.pdf, 1.86 KB].

The FUTURE is bright. . .

A community of Concept Homes

Content updated on 11/28/2006

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