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Tech Set 4: Energy-Efficient Lighting

Proper lighting improves the function, appearance and energy efficiency of a home. It is also important to the occupants' comfort, health and safety. Yet lighting is often considered as an afterthought in the design process, with more emphasis given to wiring considerations or decorative aspects than efficiency and function.

Builders can distinguish their homes by incorporating daylighting strategies to optimize natural lighting and by increasing the efficiency of supplemental lighting. Since lighting can account for 10-25% of a home's energy use, this will make a big difference in the homeowner's electricity bills. This Tech Set provides an integrated approach to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of lighting used in and around the house.

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Daylighting Techniques
1. Low-e glazing on windows
2. Seasonal window shading including:
- Overhangs
- Shading with deciduous trees
- Reflective window treatments
3. Tubular skylights

Supplemental Lighting
4. ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures
5. CFLs and full spectrum fluorescent
6. Dimmer switches
7. Occupancy sensors

Tech Set Printout [ .pdf, 348 KB]

Code Considerations

Additional Lighting Resources

Content updated on 9/14/2007

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