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May 7, 2002

Call for Proposals: The NSF-PATH Award

The 2002 NSF-PATH Program Announcementwas released by the National Science Foundation on May 2002. Deadline for proposals is June 1, 2002.

The objectives of PATH are to improve the quality, affordability, durability, environmental performance, and energy efficiency of today's new and existing homes; strengthen the technology infrastructure of the United States; and help create the next generation of American housing. These goals are extraordinarily ambitious. The purpose of this announcement is to support fundamental research that contributes to the achievement of the PATH objectives.

This initiative will focus on the application of a broad array of engineering sciences and technologies, with particular emphasis on the three technology portfolios identified by PATH's roadmapping efforts and on unique local partnerships for improving housing innovation. The initiative will encourage cooperative and interdisciplinary activities. Read more about the NSF-PATH Award and previous year's recipients or download the Award Announcement.

Content updated on 7/10/2003

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