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January 18, 2001

Visit PATH at the International Builder's Show

The "biggest home builder event of the year," the INTERNATIONAL BUILDERS' SHOW will be held February 8-11, 2002 at the World Congress Center in Atlanta, Ga, and PATH will be there. Visit the PATH booth (#745) in the TecHOMExpo to learn about the latest innovations in housing technology.

The show will feature over 1,000 exhibitors displaying the latest in home and building products and over 200 educational programs that will cover such topics as housing and the economy, finance, cutting edge design, innovative technologies, trends and many others. Leading experts in the housing industry will also be available to answer questions in daily news conferences.

PATH will have publications and resources on hand to answer questions about its program and activities aimed at improving the affordability, energy efficiency and environmental impact, durability, quality, labor safety, and disaster resistance of America's housing.

PATH lays the foundation for new housing technologies that redefine the American home through a variety of programs in:

Research and development

Information and outreach

Planning and barriers analysis.

Some of these programs are described below, but you can find out more by talking to PATH's staff while visiting the International Builders Show.

Research and Development
PATH supports technological research at all R&D levels with governmental and industrial partners through:

Background Research to identify revolutionary housing technologies.

Metrics and Standards Research to assess how well technologies perform.

Applied Research to advance engineering knowledge with other Federal agencies.

Technology Development to support industry's movement to bringing new technologies to market.

Field Evaluations to analyze PATH-identified technologies performance.

Information and Outreach
PATH created programs to provide for diverse groups concerned with housing, the technical information needed to make informed decisions:

Regulatory Preparation programs to evaluate new technologies for the building code process.

PATH Technology Inventory to select emerging technologies in a wide range of categories supporting their introduction to the market (

PATH Demonstrations Sites to show builders and other groups how to incorporate new technologies in to there housing.

"Technology Stories" to showcase work that advances housing technology.

ToolBase to provide comprehensive non-commercial technical information (

Special Events, Announcements and Publications to educate people on the latest in housing technology (

Planning and Barriers Analysis
PATH addresses the needs of housing technology today and in the future through:

Technology Roadmapping to map sound investments in appropriate technologies for the biggest impact.

Technology Scanning to gauge which technologies from other industries and countries could positively affect U.S. housing.

Technology Reviews to define what contributes to a technology's market success or failure.

Barriers Analysis to create new policies and services to improve technology's market acceptance.

To find out more about the International Builder's Show visit the National Association of Home Builder's web site. To learn more about PATH, start with PATH's background.

Content updated on 7/10/2003

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