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A technology's success is based on a combination of factors, only some of which are technical. Regulatory, marketing, and financial factors also contribute to a technology's success. PATH conducts comprehensive sociotechnical analyses of technologies that have been commercialized, reaching significant market penetration. The analyses reveal the technical constraints that have kept a technology from more widespread use, the regulatory or institutional barriers that have aided or hindered it, and the marketing or financial issues that have affected the technology. PATH is regularly developing tools for manufacturers to help commercialize their products based on these projects.

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Commercialization of Innovation: Lessons Learned

In this report, PATH asked practitioners associated with two innovations, exterior insulated finishing systems (EIFS) and wood I-joists to reflect on their experiences and relate what they thought worked well and what they would do differently. Both innovations experienced difficulties during commercialization; on the basis of those difficulties PATH derived general advice that could be applied to the introduction of new technology by other private parties and public officials concerned with innovation in the housing industry.

Content updated on 9/1/2005

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