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Funding Resources

Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEMs)
Special benefits used at time of sale or refinance to qualify for a larger mortgage loan if the home to be purchased or refinanced is energy efficient.

Financing programs for energy efficiency and/or renewable energy projects
Links for homeowners to financing programs for energy efficiency and/or renewable energy projects.

Incentives for Insulation
Web site by the Association for Better Insulation lists by state the rebates and tax incentives for upgrading insulation to DOE-recommended levels of insulation.

Home Depot's E+ Program (Save Energy. Save Money.)
A collection of articles and tip sheets by energy experts designed to help consumers save energy and money.

Residential Energy Efficiency Database
Use this simple tool to find out what energy efficiency programs your utility and/or state offers to help you save energy and money.

Content updated on 10/15/2003

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