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HUD Publications for Homeowners

HUD Rehab Guide: Volumes One through Nine
The Rehab Guide series was developed as part of the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) mandate to inform the design and construction industry about state-of-the-art materials and innovative practices in housing rehabilitation. The series focuses on building technologies, materials, components, and techniques rather than projects such as adding a new room; each volume covers a distinct element of housing rehabilitation and feature breakthrough materials, labor-saving tools, and cost-cutting practices.

Overview of Retrofit Strategies: A Guide for Apartment Owners and Managers
This publication describes techniques property managers may use to conserve water, with approaches requiring modest investment and minimal construction.

"ResearchWorks" is intended to bridge the gap between the research and practitioner communities, bringing together news of the latest research, the practical application of good ideas, and the recognition of those who make a difference in the field of housing and community development.

Content updated on 3/9/2004

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