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July 5, 2005

New PATH Tech Set Details HVAC Improvements

Resources improve performance and efficiency of forced air

The Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH) proudly introduces its latest Tech Set, " HVAC Package for New Construction—Forced Air System," which provides homeowners and builders with resources to install more affordable, durable and energy efficient HVAC systems that maximize occupant comfort and indoor air quality.

PATH Tech Sets are resources to help implement innovations in manageable, systems-based packages. Developed by the NAHB Research Center through PATH and released quarterly, Tech Sets take the guesswork out of choosing cost-effective technologies. For PATH's third Tech Set, homeowners can learn how to save hundreds on their heating and cooling bills through 11 recommendations to improve HVAC performance.

HVAC: Forced Air Distribution One of the recommendations is to seal ducts including plenum junctions with approved tape or mastic. According to HUD's Energy Efficient Rehab Advisor, average homes in the Midwest and Northeast built in 1970s can save up to $240 each year just by sealing leaks in the HVAC duct system. In less than two years, homeowner can easily earn back the $400 investment for sealing leaks. The Tech Set also recommends ducts are properly sized and placed into conditioned space, which will decrease energy costs and improve the comfort and indoor air quality in the home.

Through increased client comfort, builders can benefit from the latest PATH Tech Set by reducing costly and time-consuming callbacks spurred by poorly installed HVAC. Additionally, builders can save time by designing dedicated chases for providing efficient, conditioned air supply, rather than installing ducts around the structural frame after the fact. To promote good airflow, builders should include air returns for each room (except bathrooms) or install transfer grilles.

These are just a few of the recommendations included in PATH's Tech Set, "HVAC Package for New Construction-Forced Air System." See all of the recommendations and the previous sets by visiting the Tech Set section of

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Scott T. Shepherd

Content updated on 7/5/2005

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