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Code Issues & Mainstreaming

In order to achieve widespread integration of this Tech Set, a number of steps must be taken, including addressing a code-related issue. Since most of the recommendations are reenforcing best practices, the most important step is to effectively educate the building community of these building techniques.

Code Issues

The trim-able open web trusses will require an ICC-ES evaluation report and local official acceptance. Most currently have both, but be sure before you install them.

Mainstreaming these Recomendations

Although all of the technologies and techniques suggested by this Tech Set are allowed by code, barriers that limit the effective integration of the conditioned air delivery network into the structural framework exist. The following steps are recommended to encourage the building industry to readily adopt the recommendations from this Tech Set:

Develop a Design Guide

A design guide for designers and builders with details like trayed ceilings that house return duct(s), decorative columns as supply ducts, minimized duct lengths, a centrally-located air handling unit, and other details that work to keep the system within the conditioned envelope needs to be developed.


Manufacturers should develop training programs that assist the technical integration of systems, controls, and installation of the HVAC equipment and ductwork. A definitive and thorough equipment-commissioning plan should be detailed and followed by the installer.

Manufacturers should also develop details in a User's Guide that facilitates consumer comprehension of system features and energy conserving patterns. This will enhance the longevity of the HVAC equipment and lower utility bills which leads to satisfied customers.

Content updated on 12/7/2005

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