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Concept Home Advisory Committee

The Concept Home and the ideas behind it benefit builders, manufacturers and consumers. Accordingly, the Advisory Committee (AC) which guides the program and provides feedback is comprised of a cross-section of perspectives representing builders, manufacturers and homeowners. The AC members are accomplished members of the building industry who understand today's housing market and have a vision for its future.

Advisory Committee tours Bensonwood facility.The AC met on July 19 to discuss the initial prototype home designs and potential technologies for the prototypes. Tedd Benson hosted the meeting at the Bensonwood facility in Walpole, NH.


Tedd Benson, Bensonwood Homes, Walpole, New Hampshire

Mike Chapman, Chapman Homes, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Betty Christy, Christy Consulting, Woodbridge, Virginia

Roger Glunt, Jayar, Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania

Linda Kast, Better Homes & Gardens Special Interest Publications, Des Moines, Iowa

Ted Koebel, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia

Don Moody, NUCONSTEEL, Denton, Texas

Barry Reid, Georgia Pacific, Atlanta, Georgia

Fernando Pages Ruiz, Brighton Construction, Lincoln, Nebraska

Richard Schunk, Wyndham Homes, Brewster, New York

Georgia Toney, AIBD, NCBDC, BuilderPlanWorks, LLC, Summerville, South Carolina

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Content updated on 9/27/2006

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