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PATH Tools

NEST: National Economic Service-life Tools
NEST is a set of tools and resources designed to help homeowners choose the right amount of durability for their homes. By examining factors such as the structure, location, materials, and age of a house, NEST can find the durable materials that will help to maintain a home at the lowest cost.

ToolBase Technical information resource, a service of the NAHB Research Center, funded by private industry and HUD through PATH.

Technology Stories
Success stories gathered by PATH to demonstrate the use of new housing technologies.

Technology Review
Analyses of commercialized technologies that have (or have not) significantly penetrated the market.

Technology Forecasting
PATH works to keep the homebuilding industry informed of global technological changes by monitoring relevant sectors and forecasting potential applications.

Affordable Housing Design Advisor
Designed to help the developers, sponsors, and users of affordable housing understand what constitutes quality design, why it is worth striving for, and how to achieve it in their own projects.

Content updated on 9/22/2003

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