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Welcome, Product Manufacturers

Innovators in the home manufacturing industry provide a critical link between new research ideas and the materials and methods that homebuilders use.

PATH has developed several programs for product manufacturers to strengthen the link between the research laboratory and the home construction site, and to foster practical innovations on all fronts. PATH addresses product development issues by working directly with firms, through competitive grants, or by leveraging resources. PATH shares all this information so that new technologies enter the housing construction market more easily.

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PATH Tools for Manufacturers

PATH TV logo
View short videos to learn about the newest advances in homebuilding: high performance homes, whole house design and plumbing innovations.

Applied Research
PATH works with government research laboratories to develop unbiased data on housing technologies, bridging the gap between broader background knowledge and performance of developed technologies.

Background Research PATH encourages the development of knowledge about housing applications.

Energy Efficient Rehab Advisor
This easy-to-use Web-based tool will help you integrate energy efficiency into your remodeling or rehab project. It provides recommended energy efficiency measures for most types of rehab projects, as well as the associated costs, energy savings and additional benefits of incorporating the measures.

NEST: National Economic Service-life Tools
NEST is a set of tools and resources designed to help homeowners choose the right amount of durability for their homes. By examining factors such as the structure, location, materials, and age of a house, NEST can find the durable materials that will help to maintain a home at the lowest cost.

Regulatory Preparation
PATH developed resources to ensure that outdated building codes do not keep a product from entering the marketplace.

Standards and Metrics
PATH supports major studies to judge the capacities and characteristics of new and existing technologies through partnerships with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Technology Development PATH supports technology development through agreements with trade associations and research groups.

Technology Inventory
PATH's Technology Inventory identifies emerging technologies in a wide range of categories to facilitate their speedy market introduction.

Technology Review
Analyses of commercialized technologies that have (or have not) significantly penetrated the market.

Technology Roadmapping
PATH program to identify new housing technologies and aid in their development.

Technology Scans
PATH works to keep the homebuilding industry informed of global technological changes by monitoring relevant sectors and forecasting potential applications.

Technology Stories
Builder's success stories gathered by PATH to demonstrate the use of new housing technologies.

Content updated on 7/30/2004

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