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Project Chronology

Demonstration Site: Sustainable Development and Affordable Housing - New Jersey

April 1999 - Pilot project applications were due; 10 received.

August 1999 - Approved as PATH Level 1 project. Phase 2 applications accepted by NJ DCA, eight of nine chosen: Newark (3), Camden (2), East Orange (1), Trenton (1) and Eastampton(1). These eight projects were to contain a total of 422 affordable housing units.

October 1999 - Approved as full PATH demonstration project. All eight received project funding guarantees; four of eight chosen as exemplary.

Blown cellulose insulation fills the uneven exterior wall cavities of an old building, is fire resistant and is made locally from recycled materials. January 2000 - Construction began on 6 projects.

March 2000 - PATH completed sustainable specifications for NJDCA.

April 2000 - Almost-completed first project Westside Village (Newark) toured for NJDCA, PATH, and press.

March 2000 to July 2001 - Construction and move-ins on all projects.

May 2002 - Springfield Village (Newark) featured in Home Energy article.

2001-2003 - The pilot became a full-fledged program known as the New Jersey Green Homes Program. For more information, visit:

May 2003 - On June 26-29, the North East Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) held its Mid-Atlantic Sustainability Conference in Newark, New Jersey at Rutgers University. A representative of JP Affordable Housing gave a presentation on Springfield Village at the conference. Speakers from PATH discussed high performance affordable housing and recent PATH projects.

Content updated on 9/13/2006

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