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April 12, 2005

Advanced Roof Systems Research Moves Forward

PATH-sponsored industry roadmap scheduled for fall 2005

  • Roofs that make energy for your home
  • Roof coverings that change color depending on the time of day or season to better absorb or reflect heat
  • Attics that can be easily modified to expand the living space of a home

These are just some of the technologies that may be part of homes in the not-too-distant future, according to participants in an April 5 roadmapping session sponsored by the Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing (PATH).

Workshop participants went right to work in identifying opportunities for improving the roof system in several key areas, especially safety, environmental impact, energy efficiency, and durability.

PATH adopted the roadmapping process in 2000 to ensure that the sectors of the industry most impacted by or responsible for R&D efforts have a central role in identifying research priorities. The advanced roof systems roadmap is one of six PATH-sponsored roadmaps under development or recently completed.

The results of the advanced roof system roadmap will be published by fall 2005. PATH will then work with industry and other partners to implement the priorities in the roadmap over the next three to five years.

PATH is a public-private initiative dedicated to accelerating the development and use of technologies that radically improve the quality, durability, energy efficiency, environmental performance, and affordability of America's housing. PATH is administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. To learn more about PATH or to view other roadmaps, visit

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Content updated on 5/2/2005

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