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Innovations at the Cutting Edge--New Ideas in Manufactured Housing

Manufactured housing is produced by an industry that has long accepted a wide variety of innovations and new technologies. These innovations range from evolutionary to revolutionary, from marginally improved materials to radically new ways of building HUD-Code homes. This publication provides leaders in the housing industry, government decision-makers, and others with an interest in this affordable housing an account of recent innovations and technological developments.

Because many people who purchase manufactured housing have low-to-moderate incomes, maintaining manufactured housing's ability to offer an affordable product is a critical priority in the industry. Since many innovations can add somewhat to the initial cost of the home-especially in the early years of introduction-there is a concern in the industry that if innovations are not adopted prudently, they will increase costs beyond what the market can afford. Others argue that the industry will be able to increase its share of the market only by developing advanced designs resembling site-built homes.

There is no question that the industry will continue to change and evolve, but whether that evolution follows the new paths broken by some of the more radical designs and products illustrated herein depends upon whether the industry leaders agree with this argument. This book provides a preview of possible coming attractions.

Content updated on 4/3/2003

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