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Tech Set 1: Resource Efficient Plumbing

The first PATH Tech Set, "Resource-Efficient Plumbing" highlights five technologies that are easy to install, result in efficient and speedy delivery of hot and cold water, and allow for future, simplified retrofit of a greywater reuse system.

techset1.FINAL Air Admittance Vents Air Admittance Vents Greywater Resuse Piping Greywater Resuse Piping Tankless Water Heater Home Run Plumbing Home Run Plumbing Low Flow Fixtures

Alternative Configurations

Goals of this Tech Set

Code Issues

Implementation of the Goals

Tech Set Printout [. ]

Have you used or do you plan to use this Tech Set in a homebuilding project? Please tell us what you think. Reach us at PATHnet Feedback.

Content updated on 9/14/2007

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