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About the Tech Sets

Want to put new technologies to work in your next project? PATH Tech Sets are a resource to help you implement innovations in manageable, systems-based packages. Developed by the NAHB Research Center through PATH and released quarterly, these Tech Sets take the guesswork out of choosing cost-effective technologies. They show you how the recommended technologies can be used together to receive benefits that are greater than the sum of the parts: the key to a systems based approach.

Housing and Urban Development Assistant Secretary Dennis Shea introduced the resource during PATH's annual "Breakfast of Innovators," held this year on January 14 in the PATH Tutorial Townhouses at the International Builders' Show in Orlando, Florida.

[IMAGE: Housing and Urban Development Assistant Secretary Dennis Shea introduced the Tech Sets program at IBS 2005.] "The PATH Tech Sets are a series of innovation packages designed to encourage a systems approach to technology integration," Shea explained. "Each Tech Set will offer a cost-effective package of technologies that work together to improve one or more of the PATH building priorities: durability, energy efficiency, environmental performance, disaster resistance, and safety."

Each Tech Set comes in a variety options, allowing you to choose which package is most appropriate for your project.

[IMAGE: PATH Tech Set logo]

Content updated on 7/5/2006

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