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Tech Set 2: Durable Building Envelope

The second PATH Tech Set, "Durable Building Envelope Details for New Construction and Additions" shows builders the components of an affordable and durable building envelope--the foundation, walls and roof that separate conditioned and unconditioned spaces.

Click on the specific technologies in the image below to see more details. Use the links at the bottom of the page for more information.

PATH_05.techset2.FINAL [IMAGE: ] Summer Sun Summer Sun Winter Sun Roof Overhangs OVE/SIPs/Light Gauge Steel Framing Open Web Floor Truss Proper Sill Plate Details ICF Foundation Drains Air/Water Barriers at Intersections Appropriate Backfill Fine Grade Details Physical Termite Control Measures Smart Vapor Retarder Exterior Trim Fiber Cement Siding Insulated Headers

Alternative Configurations

Durability Checklist (PDF 84.3 KB)

Code Issues

Goals and Mainstreaming

Tech Set Printout [ .pdf, 150 KB]

Content updated on 9/14/2007

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