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HUD/PATH Cooperative Agreements

Certainteed Develop a "Supersub" Trade Contractor Homebuilding Process Approach

The supersub trade contractor program examines the effects of radically changing the structure of the present homebuilding process. The central concept of this change is to replace the large number of small- to medium-sized trade contractors who serve individual homebuilders with a smaller number of supersub trade contractors serving each homebuilder. Supersub trade contractors could provide the labor, and possibly the material, for a combination of activities on a house construction project.

Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory (INEEL)

Including assistance from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and cofunding from Manufacture Housing Institute (MHI).

Conduct Manufactured Housing Double-Wide Structural Analysis

Through HUD's PD&R Priority OREM 23a and with NIST, provide support to INEEL on their testing and software development of manufactured housing wind loading. Through PD&R Project OREM 23 and with INEEL, conduct manufactured housing (double-wide) structural analysis: design, test, and calibrate instrumentation; test home selection; prepare a static load test facility; and design component tests, wind tunnel tests, and desktop tool development.

Content updated on 7/14/2003

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