Activities - Site Demonstrations

PATH's Demonstration Sites promote the use of new technologies once those technologies' benefits are understood and accepted. PATH works with innovative builders to integrate selected technologies into the design; to measure the cost of incorporating the technologies; to evaluate how well technologies are accepted by builders, construction trade groups, and homeowners; and to measure the technologies' performance.

Most of the technologies on Demonstration Sites have already gone through Field Evaluations, or information on their performance is available from other sources. PATH has Demonstration Sites in subdivisions of several units, and PATH actively supports the technologies and their manufacturers, as well as the housing projects and their contractors, through large-scale press events, media coverage, and technical documentation.

Click on any of the cities below for a brief description of current projects, or click here to access the information using a map.

Site Demonstrations:

Baltimore, Maryland

Barrington Hills, New Hampshire

Brownsville, Texas

Danbury, Connecticut

Denver, Colorado

Holyoke, Massachusetts

Melbourne, Florida

Miami, Florida

New Jersey

New York, New York

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

San Antonio, Texas

San Francisco, California

Takoma Village, Washington, DC

Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona National Pilot - Civano

University Place Cooperative, Washington, DC

Yonkers, New York

Content updated on 7/21/2003