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The PATH Tutorial Townhouses
built by Nationwide Homes

Housewrap is applied at the factory.

The roof is assembled in a climate-controlled environment.

The first module is lowered by a crane.

The last first floor module is set into position.

The second floor modules are put into place by crane.

After only one day, the major assembly of the PATH Tutorial Townhouses is complete.

Panel sections were built in the factory, then installed on site.

Prefabricated roof trusses are lifted.

Panel sections were built in the factory, and then pulled into place on site.

Prefabricated dormers arrive.

Sprayed foam insulation expands into even the smallest cavities, acting as an effective insulator and air barrier.

Through a transparent ceiling, visitors could view the radiant barrier sheathing, which reflects heat from the sun to limit the amount of radiative heat transfer.

Bamboo flooring looks like hardwood, but is more stable and dent resistant.

Flexible framing anchor straps provide structural reinforcement to building framing during earthquakes and high winds.

Optimizing your HVAC system through proper sizing and placement can lower initial operating costs and increase occupant comfort.

Recycled wood/plastic composite exterior decking is resistant to moisture, decay, insects and damage from ultraviolet rays.

The finished Townhouses attracted large crowds, and demonstrated how to build for quality, speed, energy efficiency and disaster resistance.

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Content updated on 9/13/2005

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