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Project Chrolonogy

Demonstration Site: Eaton Row - New Haven, CT

July 2004 - The construction documents were completed and the site work got under way. A new modular home manufacturer was selected. Due to a relocation into a new space the prior manufacturer was having production problems and was considerably behind schedule.

September 2004 - The plans provided by the replacement manufacturer were approved by PATH and the Developer. Some specification changes occurred but not to the detriment of the overall program concept. For example, the basement wall insulation was deleted and insulation at the first floor framing was added (as a cost savings).

October 2004 - The site infrastructure was nearly complete and excavation for the first foundations would commence shortly. The unit production schedule was confirmed with Penn-Lyon, and unit production would begin shortly. First unit shipment was anticipated for within 30 days.

November 2004 - The site infrastructure was complete. The excavation for the foundations was making fast progress with the setting of the first four homes finished. The majority of the homes were already sold.

December 2004 - The foundations and the setting of the modular homes were proceeding at a rate of about two per week, still on schedule for all homes to be set by February. The site-built garages and porches, as well as the exterior finishing of the units were concurrently progressing at a similar pace. The overall appearance of the neighborhood was now apparent and has the mini-TND feel originally sought.

January 2005 - Forty-eight modular boxes for 12 homes (out of 30) were delivered and set. Two more homes (eight boxes) would be set by mid-January. Site infrastructure was complete. PATH coordinated with the developer and the local utility on the home's energy modeling and on the planned ENERGY STAR® testing and certification.

February 2005 - Winter storms and the associated weather delays slowed progress, both in the setting and finishing of new modular units, and in the construction of the site-built elements. More than half of the buildings were set, and it was anticipated that all construction would be complete by early May. PATH continued to coordinate on the ENERGY STAR rating for the new homes and the ribbon-cutting event.

March 2005 - The construction continued along with the setting of new modular units. The long winter slowed the progress and pushed the anticipated completion date to late May. PATH provided support for the ENERGY STAR rating of the new homes.

May 2005 - The Eaton Row grand opening was held on May 6. The ribbon cutting ceremony included HUD Community Planning and Development Field Office Director Mary Ellen Morgan, New Haven Mayor John DeStefano and officials from the New Haven Housing Authority, the Affordable Housing Development Corporation and the Jonathan Rose Companies.

Content updated on 9/13/2005

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