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Building Innovations in the PATH Tutorial Townhouses

image - Townhouse walls: Now you see them. Now you don't.

IBS 2005 - Orlando, FL

The PATH Tutorial Townhouses were the only 2005 International Builders’ Show demonstration homes with a before-and-after, "behind-the-walls" tour of a high-performance home. Developed in partnership with Professional Builder magazine and built by Nationwide Homes, the units featured more than 20 innovations from the PATH Technology Inventory that enhance affordability, energy efficiency, durability, quality, disaster resistance and environmental performance. Check out the *NEW* photos of the townhouses.

During PATH's annual "Breakfast of Innovators," held January 14th in the Tutorial Townhouses, Housing and Urban Development Assistant Secretary Dennis Shea lauded the structures for both the technologies in the home and the construction methods used.

"Maybe the biggest story these units have to tell is that building quickly doesn't have to mean building cheaply," Shea said. "Not many of you would guess that these townhouses were built here in just six days-and they're efficient enough to earn the ENERGY STAR Homes designation. How is that possible? With careful planning and design--and the advantages of modular building."

Also during the breakfast, PATH announced to industry leaders and members of the media the Tech Sets program, a new resource that will provide builders and homeowners direction in selecting innovative technologies and then implementing them in a systems approach.

The first Tech Set, " Resource Efficient Plumbing for New Construction and Additions," shows how to decrease the cost of construction and maintenance by promoting effective systems integration of the water distribution and used water (greywater) recycling network.

PATH Tutorial Townhouses were on display at the 2005 International Builders' Show

About the Tutorial Townhouses

Content updated on 3/18/2005

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