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Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Field Evaluation: Hundredfold Farm

PATH initiated a project with a group of land shareholders planning to build a clustered housing development on 5 acres of an 80-acre Christmas tree farm just outside of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The Hundredfold community plans to incorporate environmentally friendly and energy-efficient building practices, products, and technologies into the co-housing development.

PATH staff assisted the community with preliminary designs of systems for wastewater and graywater treatment, as well as water conservation. A wastewater system has been selected, and the final design is underway. A greenhouse system will treat the community wastewater from individual or shared septic tanks. Treated effluent will be pumped back to the houses for non-potable use, such as laundry washing, toilet flushing and landscape watering. Other technologies being considered for the project include solar power, panelized construction, precast concrete foundations, radiant floor heating, and energy-efficient appliances.

Plans for the Hundredfold project include building a total of 14 houses with all of the homes manufactured by Design Homes, LLC. The homes will utilize solar power provided by Don Bradley of Solar Strategies Development Corporation.

The project start date has been indefinitely delayed.

Content updated on 10/4/2004

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