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In the next 25 years, if the number of Americans over 50 increases as expected by over 47 million, to a total of 115 million individuals, the demand for accessible design solutions will likely increase dramatically. Accessible design indicates products and buildings that are accessible and usable by people with disabilities. As the needs of American homeowners change throughout their lives, universal design, a popular concept in home design, could reduce costly future renovations to homes. Universal design differs from accessible design in that it indicates products and buildings that are accessible and usable by everyone, including people with disabilities.


Directory of Accessible Building Products
Guide to products that make housing more functional and livable for the greatest number of homeowners and residents.

Fact Sheet: Accessibility Laws and Regulations-Residential
Several Federal laws and regulations contain requirements for accessibility for new construction, for alterations or renovations to buildings and facilities, and for improving access to existing facilities that serve the public.

Homes for Everyone: Universal Design Principles in Practice April 1996
This report showcases 16 single-family dwellings that exemplify the principles of "universal" design, which recognizes the need for living spaces to be barrier-free and provide easy mobility and independence for people with a broad variety of physical needs.

Residential Remodeling and Universal Design: Making Homes More Comfortable and Accessible May1996
A new resource guide from HUD's Office of Policy Development and Research, Residential Remodeling and Universal Design: Making Homes More Comfortable and Accessible, provides technical guidance on selecting and installing universal features during home remodeling or renovation. The guide emphasizes eliminating unintentional barriers and employing designs and features usable by persons with a broad range of needs.


Accessible Housing Society AHS: Library Picks
Books available from AHS on attractive universal and accessible design ideas.

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)

The Center for Universal Design
National research, information, and technical assistance center that evaluates, develops, and promotes universal design in housing, public, and commercial facilities and related products.

The Design Linc
Online interior design information service helping people locate high-quality products and services for the physically challenged.

Fair Housing Accessibility First
Sponsored by HUD, this initiative is designed to promote compliance with the Fair Housing Act design and construction requirements. The program consists of a comprehensive training curriculum, as well as a toll-free information line and Web site designed to provide technical guidance to the public

National Center for Seniors' Housing Research
The goal of the Center is to enable all Americans to continue to live comfortably, safely, and independently in their own homes as they age regardless of income or ability level.

Universal Design Facility of Kansas State University
This demonstration and research lab presents state-of-the-art universal design features and products on the market.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development: People with Disabilities
Provides links to HUD resources and programs for housing needs of persons with disabilities.

Content updated on 6/20/2005

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