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Quality for Researchers and Product Innovators

Even when researchers and product innovators develop promising new materials and technologies, the innovations are not always correctly installed, built, or put into practice on the actual job site. Because researchers and product innovators typically are absent when their products reach construction sites, they lack information about how their products are being used. PATH disseminates product innovators' and researchers' guidelines for accurate installation of technologies, for improved basic construction practices, and for quality control on the job site.

In addition to publications and tools created by PATH, other trade associations' guidelines for good construction are available through PATH as a quality service to homebuilders and homeowners. PATH shares the lists of contractors that trade associations believe lend their products appropriate attention. PATH also refers builders to research and product innovators for additional information about the products and their correct installation. In this way, innovators gain some assurance that their products are being used in America's homes with appropriate care.

Content updated on 10/29/2004

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