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Conference Watch

PATH at the Digital Edge Expo PATH Reaches Homeowners through Digital Edge Expo
Appearing at its first major expo geared toward consumers, PATH introduced area residents to the PATH Concept Home at the new Washington Convention Center in the nation's capital. Held September 18 and 19, the NBC4 Digital Edge Expo offered PATH the opportunity to inform hundreds of technology-savvy homeowners about innovative building products through an exhibit that included technology samples, an architectural model of the Concept Home, and PATH publications. PATH staff also presented an overview of the Top Ten technologies and the concepts behind the Concept Home in an expo seminar.

See PATH this October at the following venues:

The Remodelers’ Show
Visit PATH at Booth #411 (October 7 to October 9, Chicago, Illinois) to see our display of advanced technologies for remodeling and new construction projects. On Saturday, October 9 (10:00-11:30), PATH's Glen Salas will speak about PATH's top 10 innovative building technologies.

Upper Great Plains Technology Conference & Trade Show
PATH brings its advanced technologies and the model of the Concept Home to the Upper Great Plains Technology Conference & Trade Show (Booth #113, October 11 to October 12, Fargo, North Dakota). On October 12 (2:00-3:00), PATH's Glen Salas will discuss the Concept Home at the "Home of the Future" workshop. 

2004 Sunbelt Builders Show & EEBA Buildings Solution Conference
Come hear PATH speakers Glen Salas and Larry Zarker, who will give a presentation on putting advanced technologies into practice (October 22, 2:00-3:15, Grapevine, Texas).

JLC Live
Find PATH and the model of the Concept Home at Booth #1059 (October 29 to October 30, Portland, Oregon).

Content updated on 12/23/2004

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