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Journals and Web Sites

Baseline Measures for Improving Housing Durability
This document compiles data on the service life of selected building elements, including roofing, windows and plumbing; durability-related costs, including major replacements, maintenance and repair, and alterations; and energy expenditures.

Building America Information Resources Search
This online library disseminates technical information, including guidebooks, fact sheets, and case studies, developed by the U.S. Department of Energy Building America program and its associated buildings projects. The publications in this database are presented as PDF files and can be searched according to subject categories or document type.

Forest Products Laboratory's Research Demonstration House
FPL's Advanced Housing Research Center teamed with APA--The Engineered Wood Association, Tacoma, WA, and the Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA), Kenner, LA, to build a research demonstration house. Completed in the summer of 2001, the house showcases moisture-resistant construction techniques along with proper building practices.

Moisture Control Handbook (PDF 23MB) (1991)
Comprehensive resource for avoiding moisture problems when designing and constructing low-rise residential buildings.

NES Protocol for Durability Assessment of Building Products and Systems
Guide for the conduct of durability assessments on building materials, products, systems, and subsystems.

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