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Disaster Risk for Researchers, Product Innovators, and Building Industry Professionals

Researchers and product innovators have made great strides developing technologies that can deflect or greatly reduce the damage a home otherwise would suffer when a natural disaster strikes. For a variety of reasons, these products and others still in development are slow to reach the market. PATH programs that help with product testing (especially to determine how the product will stand up over time) and information tools that let consumers know products are available that can help researchers and product innovators reach their goals.

Building industry professionals, especially those working in hazard-prone regions, are constantly in search of products and technologies that will improve the durability of the homes they build. Building code officials are anxious to learn the technical specifications of products to ensure that the new components of homes ensure families' safety. PATH can help by providing accurate, detailed information on the qualities and applications of such products and processes.

Content updated on 10/29/2004

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