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How do different technologies change the way a home performs?
Do specific technology systems change a home's affordability, durability, quality, energy use, and disaster resistance?

Every home is composed of many finished materials, from the skeleton created by the foundation, roof, plumbing, and windows to the more functional yet aesthetically pleasing elements, such as cabinets, appliances, flooring, and fixtures.

Picking these products can be both the most satisfying and frustrating part of building or remodeling a home. The satisfaction comes from the beauty they bring when they are carefully selected and installed to work well in a home. The frustration comes when things do not fit, cost more than expected to purchase or install, or do not perform well over time.

The majority of these elements are presented here as innovative topics because they directly affect a home's affordability, quality, durability, energy consumption, and disaster resistance.

Content updated on 6/18/2003

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