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American Planning Association Convention, American Institute of Architects' National Convention and Design Expo

This April and June, PATH extended its reach beyond builders and developers to a newer group of partners: planners and architects. At the American Planning Association conference in Washington, D.C. (April 24-28), PATH provided over 300 urban, rural, and regional planners with a wealth of new ideas for sustainable communities. PATH reached more than 400 architects, developers, and engineers at the American Institute of Architects' National Convention and Design Expo in Chicago, held June 10-12.

The exhibit booth at both conferences illustrated a range of advanced technologies, from autoclaved aerated concrete to sprayed foam insulation. Visitors could see and touch air admittance valves, a tankless water heater, a plastic plumbing manifold, and many other technologies. At APA, 40 planners also attended a PATH presentation on Energy Policy and Smart Growth. 

Participants at both conferences expressed strong interest in the Top 10 Technologies. The number one technology on our Top 10 list, Frost Protected Shallow Foundations, generated the most questions. Booth visitors were also very interested in the air admittance valves because they eliminate the need for a penetration in the roof, and energy-saving and water-saving technologies such as the tankless water heater and the plumbing manifold.

Both planners and architects can advocate the use of state-of-the-art design and construction techniques. PATH welcomes the participation of these professionals as they encourage the use of innovative building techniques.  

The architects had the opportunity for a "sneak peek" at the PATH Concept Home, as the literature covering the Home's key building principles was distributed at the AIA Expo.

HUD Homeownership Expos

PATH exhibited at the HUD Homeownership Expos in Las Vegas on June 19 and Miami on June 26 to show potential homeowners how technology can make all the difference in home quality and affordability. The events were part of a National Homeownership Month, a month-long campaign by HUD and its partners to expand homeownership opportunities to more Americans, particularly minorities.

Content updated on 10/5/2004

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