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Are you ready?

The choice is ours. The time is now.

[IMAGE: Future street sign]The PATH Concept Home is a collection of many of the best ideas of leaders in the homebuilding industry. It presents a vision of what can be.

Although this nation produces many high quality homes, we continue to tolerate tremendous inefficiencies in the way we build homes. These inefficiencies keep home prices high and burden us with an equally high environmental cost. But with vision and technology, we can reshape the homebuilding industry to change all that.

We can build homes that make even better use of labor, material, time and money. We can build better, healthier, environmentally friendly and more flexible homes that serve our needs now and into the future -- and we can do it faster and at lower cost.

[IMAGE: House Scape.jpg]This new approach would make everything predictable but the homes themselves: predictable time to completion, predictable quality, and predictable affordability. It's so simple you might wonder why we aren't already doing it.

To make it a reality, it will take a movement: willing industry partners committed to collaborative problem-solving and investment in the future. A public that sees the enormous promise of better homes and better communities -- and begins to demand them.

PATH is ready for the home of the future. Are you?

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Content updated on 1/5/2007

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