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Integrated Subsystems

What if our homes were smart enough to be simple?

The Concept Home proposes a goal within reach of today's homebuilding industry. But what lies beyond? What goal will the next generation of builders pursue?

Here's one scenario: As our manufacturing processes get smarter, our homes will become simpler. Imagine electricity delivered not through wires but through your wallcovering. Electro-textile fabric can make it possible -- until wireless electrical systems makes even this innovation obsolete.

Roof ImageThe shingles on your roof may also be your home's energy source. Although they'll look and function like today's shingles, they'll also collect solar energy through advanced photovoltaic technology.

In this way, functions will begin to merge. Efficiency increases. Cost declines. Installation time shrinks. Homeownership is a dream within reach for more Americans than ever before.

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Content updated on 1/5/2007

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