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Flexible Floor Plan

Imagine a home that acts your age.

Image of the flexible floor plan

Floor plans and life plans seldom follow the same course. But in the flexible home of the future, they do.

You can move walls with confidence to accommodate life changes -- and never outgrow your home. Great rooms for entertaining can become more defined spaces as a family grows; you can carve out a study or a mudroom. A starter home can grow to become a dream home as your budget allows; additions and upgrades are less costly and labor intensive. And as you grow older, your home adapts to provide the kinds of additional supports and conveniences that limited mobility may require.

All of this means families can put down deeper roots and form more solid communities. And when a move does happen, the flexibility of the home assures its marketability. Buyers know the floor plan can become whatever they need it to be.

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Content updated on 1/5/2007

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