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Curb Appeal

Can you pick out the PATH Concept Home?


You can't miss. They're all homes of the future.

Welcome to the new age of American housing. Imagine: One-size-fits-all "tract housing" passes into 20th century history with other remnants, like the black rotary telephone and 10:00-2:00 banking. The new communities that begin to appear are attractive and distinctive. Homes express the individuality of their owners, no matter the size of their mortgages.

Gone is the era of the static house. We've evolved enough to accept that change is constant. Now we need to build homes that can adapt to these changes.

The home of the future can be built with panelized systems such as structural insulated panels (SIPs) or insulated concrete forms (ICFs), wood, steel, straw bale or other materials not yet developed. Only the principles of construction remain constant.

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Content updated on 1/5/2007

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