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Key PATH Issues

PATH partners have specific interests related to housing and housing technologies. Engineers might be more interested in equipment technologies that makes a home more energy-efficient and durable, while an architect might be more interested in framing techniques or siding materials that produce better quality homes at a lower cost. PATH has addressed a number of topics such as these and has collected resources to help homeowners and builders meet their objectives.

In addition to providing information about the activities PATH sponsors, we also want to provide useful information on the topics and strategies that these activities seek to address. PATHnet provides information both from within and outside of PATH that can help users make informed choices about specific topics and technologies. Contact PATH with any suggestions about adding topics or resources.

The following innovation in housing and homebuilding topics are prominent in PATH's efforts with building industry professionals:


Disaster Risk


Energy Efficiency and Environment Impact

Labor Safety


Systems and Technology Issues


Content updated on 5/28/2004

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