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Welcome, Financial Services Providers

Although financial assistance organizations typically do not directly use innovative building technologies, their business practices can provide needed encouragement. Offering mortgage incentives for homes using energy-efficient systems and lowering insurance premiums in disaster areas for homes built with durable materials are two ways housing institutions can have a positive effect on the housing market.

PATH wants to ensure these groups recognize the impact housing technologies can have on the cost and quality of housing. PATH therefore provides information about technological innovations, presented without jargon, tied to costs, and consistent with the ways housing institutional and financial partners do business. PATH is developing programs relevant to procedures (considering the quality and cost of new housing technologies) for home appraisal, insurance rates, and mortgages.

NEWS: Fannie Mae Foundation Fellowships support the professional development of senior public and nonprofit officials committed to affordable housing in the United States. Applications are due November 1, 2003. Learn more.

Content updated on 5/28/2004

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