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A sturdy structure and foundation are the first components of a well built home. Structures and foundations must do more than just form a house; they must resist the elements, fungus and insects, and withstand load-bearing pressures. When working well, they can go unnoticed, but when they begin to fail, they can be a source of great trouble and expense. The foundation system and structural systems one chooses depend on the home's site, the local climate, homeowner needs, and available budget. Whether one is building new, adding on, or remodeling, there are options that PATH's research and resources seek to address.

Many of PATH's background research projects, applied research projects, and technology development work are related to structural systems. The Technology Inventory contains many technologies related to structural issues, and the ToolBase information portal provides authoritative documents about structural knowledge, materials, and construction. In addition, Roadmapping efforts have shown that "whole house" systems are prime candidates for potential development (whole house systems entail significant structural implications).

Content updated on 10/29/2004

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