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Construction Methods, Equipment, and Management

Some homeowners move into state-of-the-art, newly built, or remodeled homes for which they painstakingly hand picked materials and appliances based on proven quality and other benefits. Yet, problems still occur: there is a draft from the double-paned, energy-efficient windows; the durable, hardwood floors squeak; and there is a pool of water in the backyard every time it rains. Faced with such problems, homeowners often wish they had visited the construction site more frequently. The builder and construction staff's skill and knowledge, attention to the effects of construction on the environment, proper land development, and choices of construction and inspection methods at every stage of the building process can affect the quality of a finished home as much as premium materials.

PATH provides many tools and publications about the latest in construction techniques and processes. PATH helps improve the regulatory processes for builders with new technologies and examines other production and information tools. The Roadmapping effort declared information technology (IT) systems one of three primary areas ripe for development. PATH has already launched many of the initiatives under this development, including ToolBase, an information portal that streamlines regulatory processes, electronically links material vendors and home builders, and studies how IT can improve on-site production.

Content updated on 10/29/2004

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