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Some publications are available for downloading in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), which allows the document to be downloaded, viewed, and printed with all of its original formatting and graphics. To view files in this format you must first download a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader and follow the instructions for installation. (PDF files are large and may exceed the buffer limit of some personal or office printers. If you encounter errors printing full PDF documents, try printing the files one page at a time.)

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Many PATH publications are also available in hard copy from HUD USER, or can be ordered by calling HUD USER at 1-800-245-2691 ext 1.

Featured Publication:

Factory-Built Construction and the American Homebuyer: Perceptions and Opportunities

[IMAGE: Modular home being set.]

Haven't you always wished you could read the minds of potential homebuyers? This HUD-sponsored study lets you do just that. Based on an in-depth survey of almost 13,000 consumers, the report offers a meaningful glimpse into the minds of your potential clients and offers tips on how to plan your marketing strategy accordingly.

Content updated on 7/20/2009

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