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NextGen 2004

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Exploring PATH Values in the NextGen Home

Join PATH in Las Vegas as we examine:

  • The Evolution of Affordability- How have common perceptions of various products changed over the years as technology has advanced? How "expensive" are newer technologies that actually lower the monthly cost of electricity, water, and maintenance costs associated with owning a home? How do you put a price on durability? And how do you sell energy efficiency for market advantage?

  • The Evolution of Energy Efficiency - How can you save your buyers money on heating, cooling, and lighting? What energy conservation technologies can you incorporate into your homes to combat the dramatic increase in energy costs and the effect of housing on the energy supply?

  • The Evolution of Durability- Are your homes built to last? Are there more durable materials you could be using that would make your homes a better investment for your buyers? How much maintenance and upkeep do your homes require?

About the Home

The NextGen 2004 Demonstration Home is a full-scale house open for viewing during the International Builders' Show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, January 19-22, 2004. This model house will showcase PATH's energy-efficient technologies and advanced homebuilding practices in use today for the residential construction industry.

The NextGen Home is designed for a middle-income family. Copyright All American Homes, 2003. All rights reserved. NextGen is a modular house, partially constructed in sections in a factory and assembled on a lot directly across from the main entrance of the convention center. NextGen will be open for public viewing for the duration of the Show.

The versatile house design allows for upgrades and additions to accommodate growing families and new technologies. Employing some universal design concepts, NextGen will be built for the local Nevada climate with innovations that offer many advantages: smart framing to reduce materials and waste, advanced piping that eliminates unnecessary materials and roof penetrations, durable roofing and siding, energy-efficient HVAC, water conservation systems, improved indoor air quality, recycled building materials, and ENERGY STAR® appliances.

We look forward to welcoming you to the NextGen Home in January at the International Builders' Show in Las Vegas. Until then, check PATHnet frequently for new updates and videos about the PATH technologies at NextGen.

Content updated on 1/20/2004

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