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Loudoun County, Virginia

Field Evaluation: HomeAid America Project

HomeAid America is assisting the Loudoun Abused Women's Shelter (LAWS) with the renovation and expansion of an existing shelter for victims of domestic violence. The project is designed to add additional bedrooms and office space, increase energy-efficiency, upgrade existing amenities, and improve the overall appearance of the shelter.

The NAHB Research Center is providing technical guidance and support for the project, donating low-flow toilets to reduce water consumption, and assisting in the design and selection of the septic system. Research Center staff is also working with LAWS to help overcome some hurdles they face with the approval of a septic design. The shelter sits on a small lot, and the addition to the shelter will further limit the area required for the leach field. The Research Center is working with the Loudoun County Health Department and Mike Lynn, a soils consultant, to come up with an approved septic design.

The builder captain for the project is Bill Berry, president of The Berry Companies, of Rockville, Maryland. Barry Schwartz, CEO of Renaissance Homes, Reston, Virginia, is providing the resources for the renovation and construction of the addition. A start date is planned for October 2003.

Project Photos

Content updated on 10/4/2004

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