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Manufactured Home Installation Training Manual

November 1998, 188 pages

A guide to installing in the real world

WordPerfect Format (*.exe, 13.2 MB)

Manual Cover and Table of Contents(949 KB)
Preface (486 KB)
Part One: Site Preparation (1.4 MB)
Part Two: Foundations (2.6 MB)
Part Three: Installation (2.8 MB)
Part Four: Resources (98 KB)

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Where manufacturer installation instructions, state regulatory documents, and installer training programs end, this guide begins. The manual addresses installation issues in both new and used HUD-Code manufactured homes, following the steps commonly taken to install a home. It includes best practice tips not only on installation but also for moving nimbly through the permits and approvals process, and even tips on new business development. The guide explains, for example, why a site analysis is important, and how to help a buyer take advantage of site opportunities.

What the manufacturer's manual describes.

What the manual didn't consider.

The Manufactured Home Installation Checklist beginning on page 7 summarizes the key points for each chapter in English and Spanish. All parts of the country and a wide range of site conditions are covered in the recommendations.

Recommended for installers, retailers, and inspectors of HUD-Code homes.

Content updated on 11/6/2006

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