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Congratulations on your decision to build a new home! Chances are, you've probably been living with -- and in -- someone else's idea of good home design for quite some time now, and you've become an expert in all its flaws and inefficiencies. But now it's going to be different, because you'll be making the decisions. That's both the good and the bad news. . .because there are hundreds of choices ahead of you, most of them with no wiggle room for a do-over.

We'd like to propose a few guiding principles for your odyssey in homebuilding that will help you get the best house your money can buy. Then we'll show you how to get it built.

A Homebuyer's Manifesto

Aiming High

Tax Credits

The Lingo

Whole House Design

Construction Timetable

The Process of Building a New Home

Finding the Best Building Professionals

Ten Questions for Your Builder

Find Me a Builder!

Energy Efficient Mortgage Program

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Content updated on 5/8/2006

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