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America's Housing Depends on Research

"Research will produce...

...information that enables builders to reduce costs and improve the quality of the homes they build."
-- Michael H. Weber, PCA.

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NSF-PATH Spotlight

University of Alabama at Birmingham is working to bring "Innovative Multifunctional Structural Panels for Cost-effective Panelized Construction" to the housing market.

See what other researchers are doing to advance America's quality of housing.

PATH Research Projects

MHRA held a training course for representatives from nine manufacturing plants, in which advocates learned how to streamline plant operations and improve quality. Their job now is to transfer the knowledge to a "lean team" in each facility. MHRA will assess the results of this effort and present the findings to industry.

Check out other current projects.

Field Research

Michael Lotesto performs building performance testing to help homeowners understand how to minimize energy loss in their homes. Read other PATH stories.

Research Activities

PATH conducts research activities in these seven areas: Industry and Market Research, Applied Research, Barriers Analysis, Standards and Metrics Research, Technology Development, PATH Technology Scanning and University Research.

Which one do you belong to?

Dr. Chris White (right) explains the operation of the SPHERE to Dr. Williams (left) and Dr. Hollingshead (center)

PATH Market Research Network Clearinghouse

After the launch of an inquiry into market research needs in February 2006, PATH developed a Market Research Network of participating researchers, along with an online clearinghouse of building industry market research to serve these professionals. Read about the latest research on innovative production builders. For further information on the Network, please contact us.

Need Funding?

DOE's inventions and innovations program helps inspiring inventors and businesses to develop their energy-efficient concepts and technologies.

More funding resources.

PATH Issues

America's housing can benefit from improved affordability, disaster resistance, durability, health, energy-efficiency and quality.

Content updated on 10/12/2007

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