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"The pulse for green homes has increased dramatically in the last year. From a low whisper to a roaring engine, green is growing, and it's much more than a trend."

-- Realty Times columnist and Chicago real estate broker Mark Nash

If You Aren't Selling It...

you're giving it away. Some useful sales tools:
See what consumers are saying about Zero Energy Homes, and learn how your business can take advantage of new trends.

Top 10 Technologies
Top 10 Techniques
PATH for Homeowners

Want to Set Yourself Apart?

Share resources with your clients, such as the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Savers Booklet, which can be downloaded and send with a personal note. Teaching clients about energy in the home can cast agents as the go-to person and help them add value to all of their real estate transactions.

Can you recognize...

A green kitchen? Check out PATH's Tech Set on Green Kitchens. These are some hints that you are sitting on top of a sustainable gem.

What is that?

You are showing a home, when you come across some gizmo. What does it do and what does it mean to the buyer? Find answers with the PATH Technology Inventory.

[IMAGE: With a little knowledge on your side, you can help your clients find a home that will perform for years to come.]

Selling What They Can't See

Find out how a Florida builder markets his high-quality, storm-resistant homes.

Adding up Energy Efficiency

Is your client moving into a fixer-upper or making improvements prior to selling? See which upgrades make sense with PATH's Energy Efficient Rehab Advisor.

All the News...

Want to read about advances in housing, and when they might come to your market? Check out PATH Quarterly, and be sure to sign up for future issues.

For more real estate news, check out Realty Times and Inman News.

Content updated on 1/15/2008

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