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Unrisky Business

"When Mother Nature's wrath strikes Florida again...

...citizens may not have enough revenue to cover losses and our property owners will take an enormous hit in their pocketbooks through additional taxes on their insurance policies."
--Barney Bishop, President and CEO, Associated Industries of Florida

When it comes to dealing with disasters in the home, preventative measures go a long way. Houses built with PATH- profiled technologies are better equipped to withstand moisture, keep out mold, and stand up to some of the toughest storms. They're a sound investment for homeowners and insurers alike.

Preventing Storm Damage

If it ain't broke, you don't have to fix it. Check out PATH's recommendations for building homes that survive the effects of hurricane season.

After the Storm

Not all homes are built to last. Find out how PATH-profiled technologies can speed rebuilding efforts after disasters, increase the value of a home, and prevent future catastrophes from occurring.

High Quality, Affordable Design

Homes that cost less should be well designed too. Check out the Affordable Housing Design Advisor, a set of resources created to increase the quality and value of affordably priced homes.

Rehab For Homes

An energy efficient house is a valuable one. Visit the Energy Efficient Rehab Advisor to see how homes can be remodeled or rehabbed to be more energy efficient.

[IMAGE: House with storm shutters]

Customized Durability Tools

Not all technologies are right for every house. National Economic Service-Life Tools help homeowners choose the right amount of durability for their homes, depending on factors such as the structure, location, materials, and the age of the house.

Tech Practices

See how builders and remodelers across the nation have integrated proven technologies into their construction practices. Tech Practices highlight the use of PATH technologies in a variety of projects.

PATH Publications

Brush up on the latest information regarding disaster resistance, durability, and health and home safety.

PATH Issues

Benefit from improving the affordability, disaster resistance, durability, health, energy-efficiency and quality of your homes.

Content updated on 10/12/2007

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