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Affordable Housing Providers

" The panel factory has helped me cut costs ...

. . .in many areas. I have lower labor costs, faster construction, lower material costs, and less expensive change orders."
-- Fernando Pages-Ruiz, Owner, Brighton Construction

Affordable Housing Design Advisor

Learn how good design can improve quality of life for your tenants--and make your life easier, too. We'll guide you through every step.

PATH on Affordability

From technology to marketing, here are some tools you can use.

Draft Protocol for Energy-Efficient Remodeling

Learn how PATH is working to help home remodeling contractors incorporate best-practice energy efficiency protocols into their projects.

On the Tech Inventory

See the list of PATH-profiled technologies noted for their value.

Research and Development

From technology scanning and university research to technology development and market research, PATH offers deep resources for the industry. Browse our publications.

We're Looking For a Few Good Stories

Do you have a great project story about a PATH-profiled technology? Please get in touch!

Family in front of home

Rebates! Get your Tax Credits!

Federal and state tax credits for smart building and remodeling.

The Future is Flexible

See how PATH's Concept Home initiative is moving from design to execution.

MADE to Last Homes Project

A guide to marketable, affordable, durable, entry level homes. It's for you.

Work in Progress

Learn what PATH is doing to explore how creative design and IT streamlining can improve affordable housing.

PATH Issues

Benefit from improving the affordability, disaster resistance, durability, health, energy-efficiency and quality of your homes.

Content updated on 10/12/2007

Resources for Affordable Housing Providers
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PATH Affordable Housing Providers
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